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11th of October- The Purple Turtle in Camden!
Profits are going to Shelter:

GIITCD will be on sale on the night at a snip of your £5 english pounds.A superb CD of alternative, underground music. Featuring the likes of Penny broadhurst, Rose Kemp, Rhesus, Korova, The International Karate Plus, The Sailplanes, and The Gemma Ray Ritual. Its a document of the last three years of GIITTV and a compilation CD not to be missed.



London Trash pop kids 586 sound like a night drinking alcopops in the park, bottled into under-three-minute portions of headstrong, hyperactive agit punk. They're '70s glam-punks The Rezillos running from the rozzers, they're Art Brut spilling the Long Blondes cider. So good, we'd even hold their hair back when they're inevitably being sick next to the swings.Already caused a storm with their now sold out single "We got bored" their new one is out this Autumn.

"Arcade Fire meets Art Brut" says Conor Editor NME

"Bis meets the B52's" says Andy 'Come-out-2nite' Quirk

A 21 year old with an impossibly rich and reaching voice accompanied by shimmering electric guitars thread paths between the prog of Mogwai and The Mars Volta, the two combining to carry content that is overwhelmingly contemporary and sets her firmly alongside the likes of Carina Round and PJ Harvey. Her songs and sets have earned her appearances at umpteen festivals, National Radio airplay, and support slots with the likes of The Subways, Cranebuilders, Gravenhurst, James Yorkston, King Creosote and Duke Special. Once youve heard her youll never forget it, her songs stick in your soul and pulse in your brain like nothing else on earth. Rose Kemp will rock your World.


The reviews say it all “Make a glorious noise that strips all of the best bits from Sonic Youth and Electrelane” “refreshingly divergent sound”, Their New EP”The Deepest Red” will be available to buy. “In no way does ‘The Deepest Red’ feel lightweight or unbalanced; partly due to the powerhouse drumming of Yola, punchy and with robotic precision, and partly due to the evocative edginess that comes from the vocals of Stacey and Tim”. Expect some noise.

Penny Broadhurst comes from a small hamlet in the Yorkshire Dales, but currently resides in dirty old Leeds with her long-suffering husband. She is a musician, actor, singer, writer and spoken word artist. Her epic track "Rhythm Rebel" opens up GIITCD.Here's what the critics say:

"A good strong dose of Northern attitude or humour. I'm sure if you put Penny Broadhurst into the internet you'll find out plenty about her...if you dare!"
Patrick Wolf

"This Leeds lass comes across like your mum's fave Victoria Wood spitting out the rhymes of Mike Skinner - one much, much less annoying than that sounds. There's fire in Broadhurst's belly and bile in her brain, while her fiery spoken witticisms rock and roar. You can't mosh to poetry, but if you could, then you'd mosh to this."

One more tbc!
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